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Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Bathroom Sanitary Ware | Sanitary Wares Manufacturer, Morbi

Sanitary ware From India

Sanitary ware Meaning :
Sanitary – Hygienic and Clean.
Ware – Product / article

Sanitary ware Definition: Sanitaryware is a vitreous china body fired above 1200°C to get the required sanitary model to use for domestic and industrial purpose.

Sanitary ware from India is admired and appreciated all over the world. This is because India has been a hub of design and décor since years. Years back pre independence, British lifestyles and designs made a great impression on the country and subsequently the styles of architecture too were highly inspired by British thought process. Most of the early Sanitary ware displays a lot of that style. White was the major color.

However, in the past two decades, global trends and perspectives have taken over and today sanitary ware manufacturers from India produce and supply variety of high quality sanitary ware shapes of which are more than 500. Add to that the factor of color and other surface treatments such and hand painting, vitrosa effect etc. which makes variety virtually limitless.

The trends depicted range from small economy Sanitary ware products of simple use to big large and highly stylish Sanitary ware products available in a number of designs inspired by British, victorian, Helenic , Indian, Persian and Egyptian architecture. Sanitary ware brands in India, which are many, have been successful in mastering one or two of the styles, and in some cases all styles have been successfully produced and sold.

The smaller pieces are manufactured keeping in mind the economy of space and investments in smaller constructions. Small Sanitary ware is very popular in urban India due to high density of population and smaller living spaces.

Designer sanitary ware however makes a cut in terms of high value constructions and big houses in rural India where there are no space limitations and investment is sufficient too. Architecturally marvelous constructions all over the country normally go in for style based products and to name clearly, European styles are most in demand.

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